Book Night in Warsaw!

The 4th edition of Book Night in Warsaw is finally here! 55 Polish cities and over 150 bookstores are taking part in what could be described as a bibliophile’s greatest dream — read: an evening of talks with authors, book fairs, meetings with publishers, concerts, literature quiz nights, sales of unique albums and much more.

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“The pandemic distanced us from the outside world and we have grown accustomed to shopping online. By hosting Book Night we would like to remind readers that bookshops are not just places in which to purchase new reading material — they’re also local melting-pots of culture, meeting venues and places in which to discuss literature. The internet can never truly replace them,” explains Anna Lubczyńska-Lafuente, Chair of the Board at OSDW Azymut, co-organizers of the event.

Though most events are in Polish, organizers have also partnered with British publisher, Penguin Random House, to bring a curated edit of Warsaw bookstores selling some of the best English-language literature. See the list below to find your nearest location:

Jak wam się podoba Emilii Plater 4
Inne Historie/ Other Stories Długa 4
Bookoff Ogrodowa 7
Tajfuny Chmielna 12
Księgarnia Tarabuk Jazdów 2
Księgarnia Korekty al. Wyzwolenia 14
Księgarnia Leksykon Nowy Świat 41
Księgarnia im. K.K. Baczyńskiego, Żeromskiego 81
Główna Księgarnia Naukowa im. Bolesława Prusa Krakowskie Przedmieście 7
Najlepsza Księgarnia, Augusta Cieszkowskiego 1/3/lok. 147-148

Find out more about Book Night in Warsaw:

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