Preview: Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw is basking in praise after images were released giving a sneak peek inside its new building.

Shot by photographer Marta Ejsmont, the previews reveal the striking stairwell that will dominate the central atrium.

Zig-zagging endlessly as if sketched by M.C. Escher, the sculptural beauty of these stairs has won widespread applause since the pictures were made public on the Museum’s facebook page.

Photo: Marta Ejsmont

Set to be the beating heart of the entire complex, the directors revealed their inspirations on social media.

Photo: Marta Ejsmont

“In the design of the new headquarters of the Museum, we adopted elements of modernist architecture such as simplicity of materials and ergonomics whilst also looking to build a framework in which social life could thrive.”

Photo: Marta Ejsmont

Continuing, they said: “the building will create conditions suited to individual contemplation while remaining open to the needs of a large number of visitors. It will also be entirely filled with art – aside from the exhibition galleries, the public areas, foyer and staircase will be decorated with artistic works.”

As things stand, the management hope to welcome the first visitors to the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw in 2024.

Photo: Marta Ejsmont

All photos: Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw / Marta Ejsmont

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