Last Chance: Pumpkin Farm

With Halloween upon us, it’s time to get those pumpkins carved – but before you do, why not make a day of finding them in the first place?

Operating until October 31st, the pumpkin farm in Powsin is the place to do just that, offering as it does a mix of recreational and educational activities that make it ideal for a short daytrip outside Warsaw.

From our perspective, we recommend a group ticket which includes a two-hour workshop, a disco inside a haystack maze, access to their mini petting zoo and, of course, the main event: the pumpkin search.

During the workshops children will have the opportunity to learn about what’s involved in the harvesting of pumpkins, discover the many varieties of pumpkins that exist, and find out what dishes they can be used for.

The mini zoo, meanwhile, includes pigs, goats, rabbits, hens, chickens, baby geese and a six-week-old alpaca named Bambi. Farma Dyn also host birthday parties and can organize lunches around a campfire involving sausages and hot tea.

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