Mokotów Hero: Rdest

In Mokotów, tiny Rdest are busy proving that things come in small packages and small ovens…

Tucked away near Morksie Oko, this neighborhood gem could go unnoticed were it not for the lovely oversized typography set vertically on the large storefront window – this outsized statement contrasts against the tiny bakery it advertises, a place so small it’s a candidate for the teeniest bakery in the whole of Poland, let alone Warsaw.

What’s In Store

Hailing from Poznań, Rdest is the work of Karolina Huzarska – a graphic artist by education, she made the full-time switch to baking having had to make the choice between the two things she was skilled to do the most. Using forms to make her bread, her methods have proved in tune with the times.

“Unlike loaves which take up a lot of space and need to be refrigerated overnight, forms are smaller and rise upwards which takes less space in the refrigerator and in the oven – ultimately that’s more ecological and saves on energy bills,” she says.

Moreover, these smaller sizes ensure there’s less chance it’ll go hard and to waste after purchase. “Because we use forms to bake our bread, they hold more water in the dough which makes the bread last longer. Basically, our bread is good to the last, final crumb,” she adds.  

But it’s not just her bread that has been a hit. Though the dessert choices don’t often change, when they do the reaction reveals much. “You should have seen what happened when I stopped making jagodzianki,” she laughs. “It was not a pretty sight”.

Insider Tip

• pipeline plans have been laid for allergen-free bread.

• Go back for more and something different. Things change for the good at Rdest and you may be surprised what your new favorite will become.


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