Warsaw Named 9th In World Vegan Rankings

Warsaw has again been named among the most vegan-friendly cities in the world by HappyCow, the planet’s most comprehensive guide to plant-based restaurants.

Issued for the first time since 2019, the latest report by the globally recognized portal places Warsaw in ninth behind London, Berlin, New York, Melbourne, Singapore, LA, Bangkok and Amsterdam.

Although this represents a fall of three places, the findings have been interpreted more as a sign that other cities are finally realizing their potential, as opposed to a reflection of dipping interest.

Vegan Ramen Shop

On the contrary, the Polish capital found itself enthusiastically praised for the scope of its offer.

“The number of vegan options continues to grow in 2022, with close to 70 vegan restaurants now in a 10km radius, and with most of those within just a 1km radius,” said the report.

“The density of vegan restaurants in Warsaw makes it incredibly convenient to walk from restaurant to restaurant,” it continued before concluding that the city’s vegan scene has continued “to grow and flourish”.

In particular, the city was singled out for its “spectacular” vegan sushi restaurants such as Edamame and Youmiko, and for the “excellent” Italian offering at Leonardo Verde.


Befitting of its legendary status as one of the vegan scenes early pioneers, Krowazywa were also praised for their continued success.


Other venues that were namechecked include the Vegan Ramen Shop chain which was described as “world class” as well as its Middle Eastern restaurants such as Tel Aviv Urban Food, Veg4seasons, Falafel Full and Falafel Zudi.

Reflecting the diversity of Warsaw’s choices, the Mexican Momencik was mentioned as was the vegan seafood joint Dziki Królik. Comprehensive in its round-up, HappyCow did not overlook the trend towards vegan dessert stores such as Słodki Bez, Eter, Bajer Veganska and Vegestacja.


“Warsaw also has a fully vegan grocery store, Evergreen, a vegan and organic certified wine shop, Solvino Bio, a vegan shoe store, Ananas, and even two vegan nail salons, Salon Wisla and Nailed It,” they continued.

“It is one of the rare cities where, according to data, veganism has had an edge over vegetarianism for many years now,” write HappyCow, “and it’s great to see that the gap between both has gotten larger.”

Although ninth marks a drop in the rankings, Warsaw still rates above such cities as Barcelona, Paris, Portland, Tel Aviv and Lisbon, and the latest report should be seen as affirmation of the Polish capital’s standing in the vegan world.

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