Best of Warsaw 2022: Best Restaurateur

Linh Nguyen 

Warsaw has long displayed not just an appreciation for Asian food, but something of a mania – and the number of restaurants bear witness to that fact. Many, though, are mired in mediocrity. Punching through the lackluster imposters, restaurateur Linh Nguyen, however, has brought us closer to exotic climes with her string of restaurants. Numbering such award-winning ventures as Vietnamka, Koreanka and most recently Japonka and Azjatka, these have complemented her existing stable of addresses. 


“Poles go out more than they used to,” she tells the Insider, “they’re more curious about different flavors – they’re also more aware about ingredients and want their food experience to be an adventure. Additionally, they do pay attention to the design before picking a place to eat.” 


At her venues, all deliver on the above criteria and while Nguyen admits that product availability remains a problem when striving for authenticity, her restaurants have proved a deliciously pleasing bridge to the far east. Although she warns that next year will be one of caution when it comes to the F&B industry, her winning streak is likely to remain unchallenged. No-one has done more to open Warsaw’s taste buds to the east, and for that this culinary entrepreneur merits our recognition. 


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