Best of Warsaw 2022: Neapolitan Pizza

Popular as it was before, the lockdown era reaffirmed the city’s love of pizza – and in particular, the Neapolitan style… With that in mind, we bring you four of our faves…

Pollypizza NEOpolitan

ul. Puławska 24

With more and more Neapolitan pizzerias opening around town, pizzaiolos are having to catch Warsaw’s attention with far-out ideas. Polly does that with gusto. First, by an interior filled mid-20th century furniture that’s been tweaked to act as counters and storage; secondly, by pizzas with names such as Legalize Marinara (featuring splashes of CBD oil). Also notable, we loved the Texas Sun, a pizza with chili honey splattered over it as if by Jackson Pollock – think of it like a sweet kiss after eating a spicy pepper. The glitzy leopard pizza cutters are a final witty touch.

Franco Warsaw

Waryńskiego 28

The sheer depth of this cavernous space is enhanced yet further by a wall of mirrors positioned at the end. Elsewhere, the white and light interior is lent a hit of color thanks to overhead flowerpot lamps designed by Scandi design god Verner Panton. But the devil is in the detail and we love all the little Italian trinkets. These visuals though fade in importance when you consider the pizza. A euphoric pleasure, the puttanesca is composed of salty anchovies and a volcanic sauce with blasts of olives and capers. Magical in quality, it might not change your life, but it will change your night!

Nonna Pizzeria

Oboźna 11

Alright, you’ve caught us out – having opened in early 2020, Nonna pre-dated quarantine times by a matter of weeks. Still, it makes our list on account of consistently magical pizzas. Raising the bar in an already competitive field, their wood-fired, Neapolitan pizzas have captivated the public way before we began relying on box-delivered foods. Having survived all that, they’ve continued to make waves for their simply stunning authenticity. Maximum points too for a design-led interior of tall plants, checkered floors, rough brick and a bar you actually want to sit at. The crowds say it all.


Krucza 16/12

In their previous guise as Dwa Osiem, this hip joint enjoyed a cult reputation on the riverfront. That rep has not only continued since they moved uptown to Krucza, but flourished yet further. The classics are great, but even better are their own inventions and weekly pizza premiers. Making their own burrata, their attention to detail has built them an impressive fanbase that doesn’t mind queuing before being led to their table. Feeling young and happening, you’ll stick around long after the pizza’s done with to enjoy author’s cocktails that feel of the moment.

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