Best of Warsaw 2022: Ice Cream

Continuing our Best of Warsaw rundown, it’s time to turn our minds to our favorite category of all! Whilst Warsaw is now spoiled for ice cream choices, it’s Dal Dalla Gelato that wins our race…

It’s always heartwarming to hear of someone chucking in the rat race to pursue their culinary passion – and then seeing it all go to plan. So with that in mind, meet Luca Dalla Costa, a former marketing & communication bod that woke up one day and said, “f**k it, I’ll open a gelateria!”

Working on a trial and error approach, he’s mixed Venetian techniques with the freshest ingredients to create a magic world where weaknesses don’t exist – at least, we haven’t found any. Even making their own savoiardi biscuits for their tiramisu ice cream, his passion is only beaten by the quality of the end product.

Also serving cannoli and a few other desserts, here’s just about one of our favorite stars of 2022 – and if Powiśle is too far to see for yourself, then let them come to you! Delivery is available courtesy of Wolt (our tip: croccante di noto, a teasing pleasure of almond, orange peel and salted caramel).

Dal Dalla Gelato

Leszczyńska 4

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