Best of Warsaw 2022: deli

A Mokotowska stalwart, Włoski Mąż is everything you want from a local delicatessen…

Pamper your pantry by visiting Włoski Mąż, an Italian kingdom run by expat Allessandro. Cherry picking the best of the best from his native country, his stock includes deli essentials like Guaniale, Prosciutto Cotto, Prosciutto San Michelle, Salame Napoli and Speck, as well as Amedei cocoa cream from Tuscany – think Nutella without all the bad stuff.

Before leaving, check the deli counter for three trays of homemade goodies which – the lasagna is out of this world. But there’s also much more in this tiny shop, and you’ll soon learn to humanize it and refer to it as your favorite new friend.

Włoski Mąż

ul. Mokotowska 41

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