Best of Warsaw 2022: spice!

For fans of ethnic cuisine, the last couple of years have spawned numerous hits – but none, in our mind, have done as much as this fab four…

Delhi 6

Jana Pawła II 41A

Small and narrow, Delhi 6 is sparingly decorated with wipe-clean tables, exposed pipes and white walls displaying caricatures and jaunty pictures of urban Indian life. It’s a cheerful space, but no-frills in its aesthetics – in short, you visit for the food. Smashing through the norms, choose from an arsenal of street snacks such as curries wrapped inside delicious parathas or crispy fried puffs served with dollops of assorted sides.

Offering an enthralling menu that dares to present a side to Indian food that Poland has never seen before, it’s frequented by everyone from clued-up foodies (legendary chef Aleksander Baron has been spotted!) to student budget diners and expat curiosity seekers.

But it says much that a fair bit of the footfall comes from the Indian delivery riders so common to the area – only they’re not here to courier food for others, they’re here to eat themselves during downtime. These guys know a good thing when they see it. With no hint of exaggeration, this is one of the Insider’s top discoveries of 2002 – now, make it one of yours.  

Senor Lucas

Hoża 41 (enter from Poznańska 16)

Discovered down one of those cramped, little walk-down units on Poznańska, its tiny proportions (one table and a counter to lean on) and basic aesthetics (a blackboard and some crates) belie a standard that sits there with the best. Based around handmade tortillas, find a small menu of burritos and rolled quesadillas stuffed with marinaded meats and ringing with peppy salsas and big flavor contrasts.

Spice & You

Jana Pawła II 65

Majoring in the tastes of South Vietnam, Spice & You makes up for its geographical shortcomings (location: a dreary, commie housing block in Muranów), with a welcoming interior composed of colorful silk lanterns. Accruing a steady stream of repeat customers, the faithful return for the bún bò, an aromatic broth with boiled beef, spring onions, coriander, rice noodles and fresh herbs and veg.


Unii Lubelskiej 1

Relocated to the historic tollbooth on Pl. Unii Lubelskiej, Ahaan serve mostly authentic street food from northern Thailand – that mean more herbs (ginger and lemongrass) and more earthy flavors. That the owners have also sourced holy basil, a much sought-after ingredient, speaks much for their passion. Breathing new life into one of Warsaw’s most iconic roundabouts, Ahaan will wok your world!

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