Eating Out: Delhi6

Just when we thought we’d seen it all before, along comes a street food inspired eatery to turn Warsaw’s Indian scene on its head…

Call us jaded, but Warsaw’s Indian scene has long ceased to thrill. Long gone are the days when news of a new restaurant would travel like wildfire around the expat grapevine – today, you can bet your last cent that a new Indian restaurant will be just a copy of everything that’s come before.

Okay, so on occasions you’ll get a different décor; sometimes, maybe a little novelty on the menu – but by in large you’re looking at cut-and-paste tastes that no longer excite. Delhi 6, however, have seemingly done the impossible by smashing through the norms to present something unique.


Squeezed between the Playhouse strip club and the pavilions that line the left flank of Jana Pawła’s northern end, Delhi 6 hides itself down a narrow alley that’s easily missed if you’re not paying attention.

A diamond in the rough, it’s the latest addition to the ethnic eateries that have flourished in the immediate area – among others, these include the cult Vegan Ramen Shop, the Japanese street food joint Achi Achi and the dumpling emporium Smak Tybetu. That Delhi 6 have found their niche here is a reflection on this district’s growing budget food scene. 

On The Eye

Small and narrow, Delhi 6 is sparingly decorated with wipe-clean tables, exposed pipes and white walls displaying caricatures and jaunty pictures of urban Indian life. It’s a cheerful space, but no-frills in its aesthetics – in short, you shouldn’t choose it for a date.

But then again, that’s not the point of Delhi 6. With its atmosphere enhanced by cheerful Bollywood beats and a chatty manager that’s always fussing over guests, it’s a venue that makes you feel like you’re part of something. And after two visits, you’ll already be treated like a regular.

The Food 

Forget all the above waffle, it’s the food you need to know about – oh my gosh, just the menu is enough to send the brain into convulsions. Do not visit expecting to order a tikka masala or your standard vindaloo.

Instead, you’ve got an arsenal of street snacks that include fantastic deep-fried bread topped with yogurt and tangy tamarind sauce and a selection of curry wraps that include the awesomely addictive chili chicken: stuffed inside a delicious paratha, chow down on spiced chicken accompanied with heaps of crispy vegetables.

And moving on, make time, too, for their tawa dishes. For our favorite, look no further than the diced chicken option.

Specializing also in crispy fried puffs served with dollops of assorted sides, Delhi 6 offer an enthralling menu that dares to present a side to Indian food that Poland has never seen before. In fact, we liked it so much we’ve already become regulars despite living on the other side of the river.

Frequented by everyone from clued-up foodies (legendary chef Aleksander Baron has been spotted!) to student budget diners and expat curiosity seekers, it says a lot that much of their footfall comes from the Indian delivery drivers so common to the area – but they’re not here to courier food for others, they’re here in their time off because they know a good thing when they see it. With no hint of exaggeration, this is one of the Insider’s top discoveries of 2002 – now, make it one of yours.  

Good To Know

Delhi 6 is run as a side concern by Indian Summers (be careful what you google though, for as it turns out that name is strikingly similar to a porn star of resounding talent).

Found in deepest Wola, it’s been earning rave reviews from those that have visited – seemingly offering a more familiar menu in restaurant-style surroundings, we’ve even heard some say that it’s on course to become the best Indian in town. There’s no prizes for guessing where we’re going in time for our next issue.

Delhi 6

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