How Bazar…

One of the cornerstones of Norblin Factory, look no further than the BioBazar when stocking up the larder ahead of the holiday season…

First founded in 2010, BioBazar pre-dated Warsaw’s love of food-from-the-source and triggered a trend that would grow nationwide. From humble beginnings when 30 traders were talked into setting up stalls within the disintegrating confines of the Norblin Factory, the BioBazar rapidly grew into a phenomenon. Temporarily moving to Mokotów whilst Norblin underwent redevelopment, the return to their spiritual home was always going to be one of the big sells of this post-industrial complex, and so it has proved. 

“Moving back was a fantastic experience for us and we’re glad we’ve shown how fantastic Norblin’s rebirth has been,” says BioBazar’s Joanna Żuchlińska. “It’s also been a challenge as we’re now open five days per week which is a big change for us.” That they’ve slotted easily into this new rhythm can’t be disputed. Home to approximately 60 vendors inside a gorgeously renovated brick hall, find the overwhelming majority boasting an ECO certificate. Comprehensive in their selection, the largely organic choice includes “honest dairy from naturally fed animals”, fresh fish from small, sustainable farms and organic meats such as veal, beef, lamb and venison. Fruit and veg is also a forte and includes frozen summer fruits that retain every bit of their taste. 

Touting an authentic rustic quality, these goods are supplemented by an exhaustive range of oils, preserves, pickles, cold-pressed juices, herbal drinks and freshly-baked bread. Stocking all you need for your Christmas pantry, neither have they ignored the realities of 21st century living – thematic boxes filled with artisanal produce are also available for those ordering online. Furthermore, swing by in December for handmade decorations, a less-waste DIY event on the 10th, special offers, healthy home cooking workshops held with Saladmaster and warming bites such as hot dogs, scrambled eggs with Mangalica lard, vegan soups and much, much more. 


ul. Żelazna 51/53 (Norblin Factory),

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