Best of Warsaw 2022: Tastes of Home

For the true taste of home – at least if you’re a Brit or a South African – the big breakout operator of 2022 was… Ke Nako!

Operating as an online delivery service, the specialty here are massive wheels of South African-style Boerwors sausages.

But these BBQ faves aside, chef Darren also produces British-style bangers, air-dried Biltong beef and a range of pies that have a deliciously warming quality to stave off the cold winter frosts – made-to-order, these include flavors such as bacon & cheese or chicken & mushroom.

Already acquiring a cult following, visit Darren’s Praga-based food truck (called, incongruously, Harry’s), to feast on the most authentic fish’n’chips Warsaw’s ever seen!

Ke Nako / Harry’s Kitchen

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