Best of Warsaw 2022: re-launch

When it came to revivals, there were none bigger in 2022 than the resuscitation of the Blue Cactus…

When the Blue Cactus closed in 2017 after twenty-years of service, was that really the end? No, it was just the end of the first chapter. Revived in two parts over summer, the management have done a fine job of demonstrating that real legends never die.

Bringing several bits and pieces out of storage (e.g. the original chairs!), they’ve successfully fused the past with the present by sticking to core founding principles (fun and margaritas: compulsory!) whilst embracing new philosophies.

Exuding a sense of confident vitality, the spirit and style of the Cactus is paired with a pleasurable menu that all with love: the tacos and burritos are unimpeachable and enjoyed all the more after being lashed with their homespun salsas.

Blue Cactus

Zajęcza 2B (Eletrownia Powiśle) & Żelazna 51/53 (Norblin Factory)

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