Green Revolution: Palace of Culture

Five bids ranging from between PLN 61.2 million to PLN 73.3 million have been submitted as part of a competitive tender process that will decide which contractor redevelops Pl. Defilad.

Once a winner is decided, the chosen firm will then have 60 weeks to execute the redesign as previously prepared by the AA Collective studio. Promising less concrete, the project will involve the planting of over 100 new trees, the introduction of thousands of shrubs and plants and, also, a water feature.

Set between the Palace of Culture and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, the plans further envision lawns positioned exactly where tenements once stood before being pulled down to make room for PKiN. Pavements, meanwhile, will be laid where streets once stood.

According to City Hall, the surface of the new square will be covered by six types of stone, with different colors used to mark out former courtyard spaces and suchlike.

The project falls under the scope of City Halls campaign to create ‘a new center for Warsaw’, a bold investment that has sought to reabsorb the center into the city’s daily life by making it more user-friendly than ever before.

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