Fury At Hong Kong Development

Nicknamed Hong Kong on account of its densely packed apartments and outsized dimensions, a controversial residential complex has found itself at the center of a legal storm after a move by City Hall to outlaw ‘pathological’ developments…

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The work of JW Construction (a.k.a. JW Destruction to many on account of their aesthetic style), the Bliska Wola Tower has attracted a wave of haters since work on the project began.

In 2021, the cult portal Noizz went so far as to accuse JW Construction of “massacring the capital” with “monstrous buildings”.

“Sure, every developer wants to squeeze maximum use out of their residential or commercial space, but JW are unique in that they don’t even aspire or pretend to strive for Western standards,” they added.

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From all of their projects, Bliska Wola Tower has attracted the fiercest of criticism. Located on the cusp of the area’s flourishing business district, the complex features two 19-storey towers and approximately 3,000 apartments within a total circumference of 500 meters.

Falling below the regulatory 25 sq/m size requirements for apartments, 157 micro apartments measuring from 18 sq/m have now failed to be certified by Warsaw authorities who have pledged to fight back against profit-hungry developers.

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According to authorities, the apartments had been listed on the open market rather than utilized as hotel rooms as JW Construction had promised.

Among other things, authorities say that the micro apartments have failed to “meet the conditions for rooms intended for the permanent residence of people.”

JW Construction, though, have struck back accusing the City of moving the goalposts and of “official incompetence and ignorance”.

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Despite the dehumanizing scale of the investment, Bliska Wola Tower has at least found a sub-genre of fans, they being a fleet of urban photographers perversely drawn to its catastrophic aesthetics.

The case looks set to be resolved in court.

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