Going Out: Macondo

Discover a sunny South American jewel hiding around the murky arches of Poniatowski Bridge…

Find It

A stone’s throw from the cosmic 1960s saucer building that once acted as the ticket hall for Warszawa Powiśle station, find Macondo buried in the base of one of the supporting towers that prop up Poniatowski Bridge.

See It

Huge curving windows allow light to slip in during the day. Riddled with plants and flagstone floors, once dusk sets, pendant basket lights soak this space in a warm glow. Along the way, bursts of color are provided by brightly colored South American fabrics and the occasional wall painting.

Eat It

From double-fried plantain pancakes heaped with guacamole and pulled beef to thick corn tortillas stuffed with Korycin cow’s milk cheese, pico de gallo and guasacaca sauce, this is food that makes you happy. Presented as a mass of fried egg, avocado, bacon, pulled beef, chorizo and beans, the Bandeja Pais is a natural born filler, though for the star of the show look no further than the crispy empanadas.

Drink It

This is a happy space, and the drinks play a role in that – to get the party rolling, order up drinks such as caipirinha, pisco sour or passion fruit michelada. Macondo’s inventive takes on South American standards are very much worth your time. 

Feel It

Summer sees the party spilling outside, but even on gloomy days Macondo’s feel-good spirit is utterly infectious. As tough as it is to find a seat, you owe it to yourself to swing by for one of their salsa evenings or Latin jazz nights. Filled with gyrating South American expats, nights here spin by in a whirl of color and unrestrained laughter. If Macondo was a pill, it’d be prescribed for depression – it’s that effective.   

Macondo Bar

Kruczkowskiego 15B (Poniatowski Bridge)

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