Chmielna Regeneration Gets Closer

Once the apple of Warsaw’s eye, an imminent tender is to be announced to restore Chmielna to its best.

Announced earlier today, confirmation of the project has been several years in the pipeline. Among other things, over 100 trees will be planted alongside flowerbeds, shrubs and perennials. Several dozen benches will also be added in a bid to humanize an area that has been allowed to significantly degrade over the years.

Image: ZTP Warszawa

Michał Olszewski, the Deputy Mayor, said: “Twenty to thirty years ago Chmielna was the showcase of the capital – a place where the most expensive commercial and service premises we relocated. Now it’s perceived as an unattractive place.

The renovation of the street, which was pedestrianized in the 1990s, has not survived the test of time and restoring the splendour of the street needs to start with changing the public space. One of the new elements will be urban greenery which will change the appearance of the street and improve its attractiveness,” he concluded.

Image: ZTP Warszawa

Prepared by the city’s Public Areas Authority, the project has now been approved by the Conservator of Monuments meaning that a tender can now be launched.

“In the past there was a theory that greenery and monuments were mutually exclusive, that they were enemies of each other,” said Professor Jakub Lewicki, the region’s conservator. “This was a mistake.”

Image: ZTP Warszawa

As part of the works, it has been revealed that the street will be resurfaced with granite slabs and will see the addition of new street furniture and a fountain by the Atlantic cinema. Lighting will be provided by LED lights and cycle paths will also be added.

As things stand, City Hall expect to announce the winner of the tender in Jun after which works will commence by August at the latest. A completion date of May 2024 has been set.

Image: ZTP Warszawa

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