Going Out: Być Może

Beautifully ascetic, Być Może has become one of the year’s big debuts…

Likened by some to a Disney castle, and by others to New York’s Dakota building (think Rosemary’s Baby), the property occupying the corner of Lwowska and Koszykowa has long been viewed as one of Warsaw’s golden pre-war nuggets.

Already containing the super cool Autor Rooms B&B and the absurdly raucous Beer Station, there’s now a third reason to visit should you have previously failed to do so.

Already established as a legend on nearby Plac Unii Lubelskiej, the latest outpost of Być Może is the most attractive, set as it is behind gloriously arched windows that allow for lashings of light to come sloping in.

Accenting the stark white-on-white color palette, a line of plush dark banquettes run down the walls, with a subtle punch of color supplied by this year’s candidate for Plant of the Year.

Riding a wave of ludicrous popularity, you sense the buzz the moment you enter – perching around the marble-topped tables find the full assortment of Warsaw’s café creatures: from headphone-wearing digital nomads to Tik Tokking girls giving their SocMed accounts a boost.

Joining them, however, isn’t as easy as it looks. As the sign sternly commands, you’ll need to wait to be seated, a process frequently conducted by flustered-looking staff in the early grips of panic.

Set to a V-shaped floorplan, it’s the left-side that is most coveted for here lies the sit-down section. High on people-watching opportunities, convene to pick through a menu featuring crowd-pleasing bagels, French toasts, shakshuka and a heap of baked goodies. Even the coffee will often arrive with customized foam art.

But yes, you will not always find a seat. In these moments, instead head to the bakery side to arm up on fresh loaves and baguettes, or jarred and bottled goodies from the likes of Wilkin & Sons (our fave: the hot mango sauce).

Then there’s the counter itself, a colorful section spread with macaroons, tarts and pastries. Consistent in their quality, you quickly understand what the fuss is about. More than just a bakery, Być Może have become a Warsaw institution – this latest venture, that’s the icing on the cake.

Być Może

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