Coffee Time: Błysk

In Żoliborz, a tiny café is making a big noise among the local coffee afficionados…

You will find smaller cafes in Poland, just not all that many. Roughly the size of a shoebox, it’s little surprise that the moment the sun peeks out most customers decamp to the tables and chairs planted on the pavement. Yet what Błysk lacks in metreage it makes up for in heart.

Served over a veneered table rescued from the PRL period, Błysk’s tight confines generate a natural air of familiarity – being here, you almost feel like you’ve popped round a friend’s house for coffee.

Though largely limited to a scattering of high stools running down the wall, alternative seating is provided in a snug little corner sparingly decorated with plants and trinkets.

It is, however, the aforementioned table that is the central ballast – representing the anchoring element of Błysk, light pours in to cast its warming glow over the bottled bio juices, trays of cookies and kitschy Virgin Mary candles that are spread over its surface.

To the side, note also the pastry display, which on our visit comprised of generous wedges of matcha-flavoured cheesecake.

But Błysk would be nothing were it not for the coffee – fixed by Basia and Michał, these are baristas that are top of their game. Whilst delicious espresso shots appear to sell the best, visit too for specialties like the ‘oatly spicy kopiko’, a pleasing blend of espresso, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, sugar cane and oatly.

Even the speckled ceramics (AOOMI should you ask) are absolutely gorge. The equivalent of discovering a secret chakra point, even the neighbourhood dogs appear to approve – it’s not mandatory to bring a four-legged friend, but it’ll sure help you fit in.


Słowackiego 22

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