Lifestyle: Paititi

Ceramics and more inside a unique space that revives the soul…

Named after the lost Incan city, Paititi market themselves as “a holistic store for the body and soul”, a place whose items, they say, “will raise your bio-vibrations and bring peace and harmony to your living space”.

You’d be forgiven for arching your eyebrows, but as it transpires this isn’t New Age claptrap, but actually a fair description of exactly what they do. Starting life as a ceramics store, visit to invest in dishes and vases whose raw, simple form is complemented by the natural color palette.

But beyond these, look also for woody scents from Palo Santo, ceremonial Ecuadorean cocoa with anti-depressant qualities, aromatherapy oils and incense sticks. Healing the mind and body, these are products that will serve to realign your mojo on a bleak Warsaw day.


Długa 44/50, website

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