New Entry To Register Of Monuments

Located inside a former water pump room, a mosaic typifying the decorative style of the early PRL era has been entered into the Register of Monuments.

Photo: Biuro Stołecznego Konserwatora Zabytków

Found on the ground floor of the apartment block at Puławska 51, the abstract mosaic most likely dates from the late 1960s and was created using pebbles, glazed ceramic tiles, polychromes and liquid terrazzo.

Regarded as representative of the period, features of the work include outlines of the sun, waterline and a pine tree. Attributed to the artist and illustrator Krzysztof Henisz, the work formed the anchoring decorative element of a showroom promoting a mineral spa in Konstancin.

Photo: Biuro Stołecznego Konserwatora Zabytków

Reputedly furnished with elegant leather sofas, and touting an exchange office in the corner, visitors to the address were able to taste the invigorating waters from Konstancin whilst admiring the vibrant mosaic.

In his justification, Warsaw’s conservator of monuments highlighted the defining role such mosaics played in Polish decorative art during the 50s and 1960s. With his decision rubber stamped, the mosaic’s future has now been safeguarded.

(All photos: Biuro Stołecznego Konserwatora Zabytków)

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