Warsaw’s Most Beautiful Mural?

Described by some Google users as Warsaw’s best piece of wall art, a stunning mural on Żelazna has fired the public’s imagination…

Originally painted towards the end of last summer on the side the building at Żelazna 24, 912 was executed by Marcin Czaja of the Klawy Projekt studio. Depicting a densely built-up island of tenements floating away on seven balloons, the striking work was directly based upon an acrylic painting created by the artist Roch Urbaniak in 2017.

Filled with intricate details it shows, among other things, a propellor-powered steel island being lifted into the grimy grey skies by a set of metal balloons. Packed tightly together, tall and narrow apartment blocks soar atop of each other whilst man-made platforms crowned with trees jut out into the air. Seemingly circling this dark and strange world, two vintage aeroplanes buzz closely to the island.

Revealing his inspirations on Facebook, Urbaniak wrote: “I had an exhibition in Kraków where pop culture influences were the main theme – the exhibition catalogue opened with words from the prologue of the film Conan, and the images – in an unobtrusive way – referred to my favourite films, games and comics.

“I’m a huge fan of the video game BioShock Infinite, which is set in 1912 in the flying steampunk city of Columbia, and my painting was simply my own interpretation of that world. The mural is a copy of my painting 1912 that was displayed at that exhibition.”

Image: rochurbaniak.com

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