Going Out: Warsaw’s Cat Cafe!

In Purr Purr, feline good is good enough…


Opened during that time when Poland was hopping in and out of lockdowns, Purr Purr didn’t have the best start in life – yet despite these significant early challenges it’s grown to become a legend of Muranów (and beyond). In fact, visit at peak times and you’re likely to be queuing just to get through the door.

A Pet Project

Meet Piotr and Kim, a Polish-Asian couple that live two floors above Purr Purr. “She’s basically cat-addicted and crazy about these little furballs,” explains Piotr. “As for me, I’m a cat lover but also someone that can’t start the day without coffee.”

With five cats of their own, it was Kim that drew up a business plan for a café filled with cute little moggies. “She showed it to me,” says Piotr, “and I was, like, wow, that’s pretty cool.” The rest is history.


Purr Purr divides itself into two distinct segments – for openers, you’ve got a standard café-eatery area complete with a counter and a long forest-coloured banquette running down the wall. Styled in an almost generically contemporary fashion (Edison bulbs, exposed piping), its here you’ll be seated before being summoned to Part II once space allows.


What is Part II, you may ask – that’s the cat cave. Accessed via a mesh gate, find yourself ushered into a space cheerfully decorated with various shelves, steps, nooks and cushions. It’s here that the cats snoop and nap, and they’ll leave you in no doubt as to who’s actually boss.

With guests guided by a strict set of rules (no flash photos, spray hands after cat contact, no kids under 12, etc., etc.), the environment is kept stress-free and comfortable for the animals. Filled with endearing touches like cuddly toys and a faux maple tree, it’s casual, relaxed and purr-fect for its role.

Drinks & Nibbles

Obviously, the cats are the star attraction, but this spot would fare equally well were the animals to down tools and declare a strike. Going beyond the ordinary, drinks include specialty coffee from HAYB, craft swigs from the likes of Funky Fluid and Brokreacja, Korean vodka, Choyu plum wine, house lemonades and a dynamic choice of cocktails such as the Fizzy Meow Daquiri (plum wine, yuzu puree, soda).

Food is also a hit: we enjoyed the tornado bibimbap with bulgogi beef, though other choices number a range of fluffy Japanese pancakes, onigiri and Korean handrolls. As fun and friendly as it all appears to be, they’re dead serious about the quality.

Purr Purr

Pokorna 2, facebook

(All photos: Kevin Demaria)

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