Community Hub: Hala Koszyki

Back Story

Built between 1906 and 1908, from the outset Koszyki was designed to serve as a market hall. Nationalized after WWII, by the 1960s it was attracting over 3,000 shoppers per day. By the millennium, though, business had slowed with shoppers favoring new generation supermarkets over the grubby old school style offered by Koszyki. Acquired by Griffin Real Estate in 2012, it was under their watch that the main hall was rebuilt and the art nouveau wings restored. Original plans foresaw a retail project taking root, but this was abandoned in favor of what we see now. Revolutionizing Warsaw’s food and drink scene, the 2016 reopening of Koszyki can be considered one of the watershed moments in the city’s gastro timeline. 


Koszyki’s food hall checks all the boxes when it comes to comfort food; for burritos, you can’t go wrong ordering from the fist-bumping lads at Gringo, while for craft beer and grilled sausages then Kiełba w Gębie don’t put a foot wrong. The biggest lines, though, they’re usually reserved for Soul Food Burgers. But there’s more to Koszyki than just its food hall; for fancy modern Polish food in arty surrounds then Warszawski Sen is a winner. More often than not though, you’ll find us either propping up the Central Bar, sipping cocktails in The Upper Deck, or putting the finishing touches to a night out in the open-all-hours ĆMA 

Good To Know 

Koszyki have a hard-earned reputation for higher brow events such as classical recitals and author meet and greets. However, not all of their attractions are quite so traditional – 2022 saw them dishing up a VR  film about the Warsaw Uprising.   

Hala Koszyki (photo: Kevin Demaria)

Why We Love It

Opened in 2016, Hala Koszyki was the first of the hubs to launch and blazed the trail for others to follow. Considered the grande dame of all, this reputation can be credited to more than just her age. To this day Koszyki remains a pioneer and often the default choice when planning a city center meet-up. Why? It’s vibe and central location are second-to-none. Where the former is concerned, the outdoor plaza remains one of Warsaw’s favorite summer check-ins while in other months the spectacular wrought iron interiors always have a buzz.  

Hala Koszyki

ul. Koszykowa 63,

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