Warsaw’s Best New Buildings: Voting Begins!

Voting is underway to determine Warsaw’s best new architectural projects as part of the ninth edition of the Nagroda Architektoniczna Prezydenta Warszawy awards.

A collaboration between City Hall and the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects, the Mazovian District Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland and the Warsaw Branch of the Society of Polish Town Planners, this year a specialist panel of jurors have nominated a total of seventeen projects across six categories.

With polling set to stretch till May 21st, the public now has the chance to have the final say on Warsaw’s best buildings.

Public Utility Category

Care centre for cancer patients

Photo: Piotr Krajewski

Uprising Memorial Chamber (ul. Wolska 168)

Photo: Bujnowski Architecki

Primary School No. 403

Photo: Piotr Krajewski

Public Space (Design)

Plac Pięciu Rogów

Photo: Bartek Barczyk

Ratusz Arsenał

Photo: Łukasz Leszczyński

Mass grave memorial at the Jewish Cemetery

Photo: Szymon Lenarczyk

Commercial Architecture

Forest skyscraper

Photo: HB Reavis

Office building at Poleczki 32

Photo: Piotr Krajewski

Varso Tower & Varso Place

Photo: Piotr Krajewski


National Library

Photo: Jakub Certowicz

Ulrich Gardens

Photo: Bartek Barczyk

School for Ukrainian children

Photo: Mikolaj Kwiecinski


Apartments on Niemciewicza 19

Photo: Piotr Krajewski

Apartments on Grodzieńska 19

Photo: Piotr Krajewski

Architectural Events & Happenings

10th edition of the Open Flats Festival

Photo: Festiwal Otwarte Mieszkania

Wielki Zlot conference and workshop

Photo: Kuba Rodziewicz

Natalia Romik exhibition

Photo: Daniel Chrobak

Those wishing to add their vote, can now do so by navigating through to the website at: CLICK ME!

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