Welcome: The Giant Egg!

Years after plans were first made public, a giant egg has been unveiled on Plac Pięciu Rogów.

Unveiled on the doorstep of the Jabłkowski Department Store, the striking installation measures 2.1-metres in height and 2.2-metres in width. Precisely 3-metres in length, the egg was unveiled on Friday by the Deputy Mayor, Aldona Machnowska-Góra.

Photo: Rafał Motyl / UM Warszawa

“Just like the palm tree, this sculpture may become one of Warsaw’s tourist symbols,” said Machnowska-Góra. “Along with the mini-pool of water next to it – which is used by dogs and birds, it demonstrates our sensitivity towards the non-human inhabitants of Warsaw.”

Continuing, she added that she hoped everyone would find the time to hug the egg. “Doing so is an unbelievable experience,” she added.

Photo: Rafał Motyl / UM Warszawa

Specifically designed so as to emit a hatching sound, the egg was the brainchild of Joanna Rajkowska, an artist who many will know as the author behind the nearby artificial palm that stands in the centre of Rondo de’Gaulle’a.

Credited with revolutionising Poland’s approach to public art when it was unveiled twenty-years ago, now hopes are high that the egg will attain the same level of fame.

Speaking at the ceremony, Rajkowska said: “the egg has a special intense colour so that it works in many weather conditions – the texture of the egg will become more interesting. It’s also kind of a sensitivity test for Varsovians. It’s my intention that this surreal object places us in a completely different space-time. Specifically, the kind of space-time that birds know.”

Photo: Rafał Motyl / UM Warszawa

All photos: Rafał Motyl / UM Warszawa

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