In The Spotlight: Chaton Warsaw

It’s not just Warsaw that’s been seduced by the glamorous allure of this exclusive dinner-show club…

Photo: Chaton

Hailed as the most exclusive club in Poland, Chaton Warsaw Dinner Show & Club has already become an entrenched favourite of showbiz celebs, visitors, expats and the local high-flyer.

Set across five levels of a century-old tenement, the prestige of its address – on historic Foksal – is reflected by a sense of elegance that feeds through into the club, events space, restaurant, humidor and Diamond VIP room.

Photo: Chaton

Offering a truly memorable experience, it is the spectacular weekend Dinner Show though for which it has become famous. A feast for the senses in the truest possible way, those that visit will find themselves dining on exquisite creations whilst being royally entertained by international performers – it is no wonder why Chaton’s patrons cite as an extraordinary world class experience.

Photo: Chaton

Already renowned for its energy, the powerfully heady atmosphere of Chaton can be attributed to its top class acts, phenomenal performances, enviable sound system and luxurious design.

Photo: Chaton

A place for those that value the special, there is more to Chaton, however, than artistic and culinary treats. Beginning after 11 p.m., visit too for club nights led by top DJs headhunted from Spain (Ibiza, Barcelona and Marbella), the Netherlands, France, Germany and the States.

Chaton Warsaw Dinner Show & Club

Foksal 19,

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