Going Out: Młodsza Siostra

An unpolished jewel, Młodsza Siostra is the courtyard secret that everyone needs to know…

What’s In A Name

Translated to mean ‘younger sister’, you’d be right to ask that if this is the little un’, then who’s the older one? That is (or was), Eufemia, a cult bar that we previously described as being “furbished with VHS tapes, student artwork and furniture looted from your grandparents dining room.”

When it closed six-years ago, Warsaw lost a legend. However, a new one was born when the owner, Michał Grochowiak, decided to give the bar game another crack with Młodsza Siostra.

Where Am I?

There’s more to Powiśle than loft apartments and fancy bakeries. Harking to edgier times, Młodsza Siostra finds itself smuggled inside a scruffy courtyard fringed by seedy-looking lock-up garages. To find it, you need to know it’s there, but this ‘destination’ aspect ensures that it attracts “the right kind of people” – i.e., those that have sought it out rather than random passing punters. This is by no means a small point, and has helped this spot maintain its artsy integrity.

On Face Value

With temperatures rising, many will choose to sit on the wooden decking outside – with the trees and vegetation coming into bloom, the scrappy backdrop takes on the kind of vibe found in some of the shadowy courtyards of Kraków, Berlin and Budapest.

Stepping inside, and there’s two rooms to choose from, both of which tout creaking floorboards and wobbly, mismatched furnishings. Invariably, you’ll see dogs curled up on the floor and a cross-section of Warsaw intelligentsia locked in meaningful conversation.

F & B

Food-wise, this place fares very well indeed with a small Asian-inspired menu knocking out surprises such as okonomiyaki pancakes. For liquid pleasures, the two fridges – set behind a pine-panelled bar decorated with retro throwbacks like a tacky painting of a schooner – feature a small but welcome choice of alternative colas and Polish craft brews.


Recognized as one of the city’s best spaces for more niche and underground sounds. Known for his ear for upcoming talent, the owner Michał isn’t averse to taking risks in order to broaden Warsaw’s musical palate. When you’re there, check also their collection of cassettes played on the lo-fi stereo system.

Anything Else

Festooned with unruly plants, gig stickers and graffiti squiggles, the toilet is an intense (and occasionally squelchy) experience – it feels half-bombsite, half arts installation. In some ways, you could say it captures the full rawness of the Young Sister’s feisty spirit. As bar’s go, there’s not one thing here that we’d improve on – it’s a beauty!

Młodsza Siostra

Dobra 14/16

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