Un-frog-ettable: new Muranów fountain!

Years after it disappeared – seemingly forever – Muranów’s legendary frog fountain has returned…

Photo: Kevin Demaria

Dismantled in the 90s to make way for a pavilion that today houses Biedronka, a charming fountain has been returned to the northern district of Muranów. Found in the courtyard of Nowolipie 21, the fountain cost in excess of PLN 230,000 and was built after getting 500 votes in a 2018 poll held to decide how the city’s participatory funds would be spent.

Photo: Tomasz Keller / UM Wola

First appearing in the 1960s, the water feature debuted in the 1960s – when it was knocked down three decades later only the four frog sculptures that ringed it were saved.

Photo: Kevin Demaria

For a time, two of them could be found adorning the Biedronka that took its place. Subject to a careful restoration process, the quad squad of frogs made their comeback in mid-May and can now be found staring towards an environmentally friendly fountain located a short walk from where the original once stood.

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